Frequently Asked Questions

Will counselling work?

Counselling works best when you realise that you are struggling and that you can no longer go on as you are and that you want to make some changes, and when you are finding it hard to know what those changes are. Quite often the insights that happen are created during those sessions through discussions and are developed in between sessions. Counselling can be very hard as it is likely to bring to the surface some old memories, feelings and past hurts. However, sharing these thoughts and feelings will give you a clearer understanding of why they still cause you so much pain, an ability to lessen the pain, and to even find some healing from those experiences. I offer a Humanistic Integrative approach in a personal centred way. What that means is, that we focus on you the individual working with your agenda, allowing you to explore those difficult memories and feelings. I use a combination of approaches to suit the individual and their needs, because I believe one size does not fit all: we are all individual and unique.

Should I have short term or long term counselling?

This is entirely up to you and will be something we can discuss in our initial consultation. Sometimes it can be beneficial to start off with 6 sessions, and review during these sessions if you would like to continue or if you would like to terminate these sessions. Short term counselling can be beneficial for an immediate crisis that has come up and to help you through that. Long term counselling can help with looking at your problems in more depth, to gain a greater understanding of how they really affect you and where they come from. We can start off weekly and then go on to fortnightly or even 3 weeks. Remember that this is your decision, as this would be you choice. At the end we could have a final review and look at ways to move you forward with your life, making this as safe and as comfortable as possible.

What will happen when I stop counselling?

Quite often it will be clear to you when the counselling is drawing towards an end. You will feel more confident and happier within yourself, the memories will not cause you as much pain. You will be able to look at them in a different way that does not distress you. We will discuss about how you would like to bring the counselling to a conclusion. We could have a final review a few weeks after counselling had finishes just to see how you have been coping and how you have incorporated these changes into your daily life.

What are your fees?

I currently charge £40 per session. I also offer concession for those in need and I will try and match your income, as I understand that the pressure of being able to afford regular counselling can be difficult. For students that are studying for their Diploma qualification and need to get 40hrs personal counselling I also offer a concession. Your first initaial appointment is £25. This is an opportunity for us to meet and to get to know each other. We can then look at the ways that we can best work together and how best I am able to help you.