Hello and Welcome to my Website

Have you been thinking life is becoming to much at the moment and it is becoming unbearable? Are you waking up and thinking what is the point, why do i keep feeling like this? Are you continuously hurting because past events in your life or because of current issues? Have you been thinking that I just want to feel happier in my life? That i don't want to feel lonely and isolated ? Do you feel either overwhelmed or just shut down emotionally and just want to find some balance within your life? 

We all experience emotional difficulties and low moods throughout our life at times. Usually we are able to overcome and resolve most of these issues. When we start to realise that we cannot cope and it is all too much, and that we are not recovering from these situation, it may be time to seek some specialised help.

I can offer that opportunity to discuss and explore these issues in a safe, non-judgmental, professional and caring way. Together, we can identify those problems and find a way to work through them, to help find that calmness and peace needed within and your life.

I feel that with the Global pandemic being the way that it is at the moment, that it has changed and impacted our lives beyond recognition. We as a country have been living in fear and Anxiety of the uncertainty and loss within our lives, it has also impacted our lives within our mental health through various different ways, depression, Anxiety, trauma and loss. It has also impacted through isolation, loneliness, working from home and through losing your job, family or even your home.

These are all things I can help you with through the process of counselling.